What type of feeling do you get at your first glance of this photo?  When I look at it, it makes of think of this time of year Spring!!!!! Spring is colorful, full of every kind of color you can think of starts to pop up every where.  The flowers, the clothing stores, magazine adds, trees start blooming and coming to life, the sun is up early enough for you to see it, birds are chirping, and you just start to feel better all the way around.  

Easter brings a feeling of gratitude, and there again you see people dressed in colorful apparel. You start to see graphics of doves being let go and white lilies.  If your a mother of small children, then you see a rainbow of colors, making easter eggs, buying candy chicks, easter baskets filled with colorful items the kids are so excited they can hardly sleep.  

Mother's Day arrives and your filled with love in your hearts and everyone hustles to dress nice and colorful, go out to dinner, and receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  We hope all the Mother's out there had a Happy Mother's Day!  

By now you surely feel the effects of Spring, and we're all happy that the cold has gone on.  Music And Art Is My Blunt wants to wish you a Happy Spring, and because it's spring we're offering you a deal in our store.  

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Sometimes I wish I could be like Mary Poppins, and just float into the air. Do you?





When my business partner and I Habaka, started: Music and Art is my Blunt, we found ourselves in the middle of all kinds of arguments with people on social media, even YouTube. They thought it was a stupid name for a company and wouldn't last. Well, we are almost 5 years STRONG! We may not be millionaires, well I'm not...but we love the name, we believe in the meaning and we support our mission. Slowly we are getting the word out. To let people know that, making art or music your blunt...is way better than making drugs your blunt. 

The side affects of making Art your BLUNT

❤️An overwhelming feeling of self accomplishment and self worth. These are normal, they actually last for a long time, so get used to it. 

❤️This uncontrollable feeling to make someone go ape shit over your art. (Ape shit is a good thing) 

❤️A big smile is likely to creep on your face, don’t worry, enjoy the ride 

❤️Your heart literally skips a beat, when your art makes someone happy. No need to call 911 or run to the Emergency Room. You’ll start to enjoy and crave that affect❤️ 

❤️Ideas flow through your head, like nobody’s business. Just relax and let it happen, it’s part of the creative process. 

❤️You may experience goosebumps, don’t panic, it’s natural. If they subside, keep at it, they’ll return with a vengeance! 

❤️The most important side affect, of making Art your BLUNT.....IT WILL NOT KILL YOU!! YOU WILL NOT DIE!!! 

Be smart...make the right choice. If you’re not sure about what the right choice is, it’s NOT drugs. Choose life over death. Get help, NOW, TODAY....tomorrow may be too late. It’ll be a struggle, but just like art, you have to keep at it, until you master the art of living❤️❤️ 




Thinking about the Father's Day weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that, ironically JuPo Art and I both lost our Father's.  Both of our Father's were musicians, and both of us are lovers of music too.  Who would have thought that two chicks who met on Facebook and became business partners, would have so much in common. 

I can assure you that both JuPo Art and I miss our Father's more than words could ever express, and we certainly hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day holiday.  

A nice get together with family and friends is always so rewarding.  That's what I see in this photo.  What do you see in this photo? 




When I look at this photo, I think of our world.  All the colors of humanity wrapped into one big colorful mix.  

Through this child's eyes, she felt the joy of wanting to go walk in the park with her face painted without a care in the world.  She didn't think about how others would perceive her looks, all she knew was that she wanted her aunt JuPo Art to paint her face so she could go to the park and let everyone see her painted face.  She felt beautiful, and that's Pure Innocence.   

I'm Habaka, the other half of Music And Art Is My Blunt and when I laid eyes on this photo, it made me weep.  Being a vocal artist I felt emotionally tied to all that humanity is fighting over, and all of the suffering going on in so many parts of the world. I also felt the innocence of when I was a child.  We have the power to live through color, which is LOVE.  We've got to find our way back to that love for one another.

Look at all the colors here in this photo.  For me it's life! For you it may speak something else.  Let us know what it does for you.  (Photo Credits:  JuPo Art) Music And Art Is My Blunt..."Where Music And Art Become One"  


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